Bar Cart Styling: Cocktails Edition

bar cart edit 5.jpg

Bar carts have been popping up everywhere! They are generally smaller than the more traditional buffet cabinet, making them perfect for a smaller space. I love that they are more mobile and easy to move, we shift our around in our dining area depending on the time of year or if we are hosting. That being said, they are much more visible than the traditional cabinet, meaning people think more about the placement of items on the bar cart and what they are featuring.

Overall, the bar cart should have a cohesive theme. Today is all about focusing on styling the cart with a focus on making cocktails. Look out for future posts on creating a wine themed cart and a party champagne themed cart.

bar cart edit 7.jpg

Items for the cart

  • Cocktail Shaker and Jigger
  • Decanter
  • Selection of liquor
  • Variety of glass options
  • Cocktail books
  • Accents
bar cart edit 6.jpg

I kept the placement of items on the cart grouped together, all the liquor is together, glasses are together and I filled in the empty spaces with my accent details. I added personal details to the cart through a photo of us and made a 'date night in' theme. Fresh cuts always bring another added element to anything you are styling. They are also an easy thing to change out season to season or party to party depending on your overall theme of the night.