Creating an Inviting Guest Bathroom

bathroom edit 1.jpg

Our guest bathroom has undergone two renovations in the two years that we have lived in our home. The first renovation was totally DIY where my husband and I tore out the bathroom that was there when we bought the home. We painted, retiled the shower, replaced the toilet and vanity. Initially we were going with a vintage theme because the house was built in 1923. After about a year of using the bathroom, the shower started leaking and seeping into the walls. We also knew that the tile floor was uneven because we installed it in the dark, literally. We had no overhead lights at the time.

We made the difficult decision to tear out some of our work from the year before to replace the flooring tile and the tile boarding the bathtub. The biggest regret we had from the first renovation was not replacing the original bathtub. This time around we ended up hiring a professional to complete the renovation and replace the tub. Luckily, we were able to salvage the majority of our tile work on the shower surround. We also kept our theme much more simple black, white and grey.

bathroom edit 4.jpg

Since we kept the theme neutral, we were able to add in color with the accessories. The accessories are easy to change over time if we decide we want to move in a different direction in the future, but don't want to do another major renovation. We bought a piece of artwork while we were on our honeymoon in Barcelona that served as the inspiration for all the decor details. I also found this great shower curtain at Anthropologie that matched the colors in the drawing perfectly. Since this is a guest bathroom we have all of the essentials out and easy for guests to use.

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