Spring Cleaning Series: Kitchen Cabinet Organization

spring cleaning 7.jpg

Even though it isn't officially spring yet, I am getting a jumpstart on spring cleaning in the kitchen. We moved into our home about two years ago. At the time everything was organized and had a home, but as time goes on you accumulate more things and get lazy with putting them away. For March I am committed to reorganizing and deep cleaning the house, starting with the kitchen cabinets. My focus this week was all about our dishes, Tupperware and that random catch-all cooking tools drawer.


We have slowly added to our Tupperware collection that the storage is now getting out of control, but somehow I feel like we need more because whenever I go to use one I can't seem to find the size I need. We have different brands making it harder to neatly stack away in the cabinet. I love the Rubbermaid because the tops snap together making it easier for storage, but I also love the Pyrex because the glass containers feel like they last much longer than the plastic.

I started by taking everything out of the cabinet and ensuring that each had a top and a matching bottom because somehow either the lid or the container go missing after a while. I blame my husband. For storage, our strainers and large cutting board also live in this cabinet. Once I had everything out, it was like a puzzle getting everything neatly into the cabinet. The key is to ensure everything is stacked and I put the larger containers in the back and the smaller ones toward the front so they don't get lost never to be seen again.

spring cleaning 8.jpg

For our dinnerware, we have a tough time because our plates are two different colors and two totally different shapes. The easiest organization for a collection with different plates is to alternate between the two styles creating a clean presentation when opening the cabinet. I have a bit of an obsession with the Anthropologie Latte Bowls and have them in a ton of different colors. Rather than stick to just one color family, I couldn't decide and just continue to add to the collection overtime. I balanced out all of the color in the cabinet with a few white dinnerware pieces to calm down all of the color.

For our catch-all cooking tools drawer we already had an organizer that quickly became unorganized. Now each of the sections are organized by use, cooking versus baking. You can easily see everything in the drawer making it easy to grab exactly what you need. I also took this time to throw away any old tools that were not in usable shape.

The key now is to maintain all the hard work put into organizing these cabinets!