Spring Cleaning Series: Pantry Organization

pantry 1.jpg

The second installment of my spring cleaning series is all about our pantry cabinets around our stove where all of our cooking spices, oils and grains live. This area has been a source of frustration since moving into our home two years ago. We have a lot of kitchen cabinet space, but don't have a separate panty so we have to make do with the space we have for storing everything.

My husband tends to buy spices in bulk rather than in the container, which means we end up with spices in baggies or plastic containers. I went in search of the perfect spice jar that I could customize to whatever ingredients he was purchasing. I found these mini storage jars at Target that work perfectly and used my handy label maker to create labels for each jar.

The key to organization in this area is to group together like items. The first cabinets houses all of our vitamins (random, I know), canned goods and grains and pastas. We received some OXO storage containers for our wedding that I placed most of our grains and pastas in. We also had other stainless steel storage containers that I mixed in.

The second cabinets has all of my baking needs, spices and liquids for cooking. I kept these shelves organized by use with all of my baking supplies at the top since they are used less often, the spices labeled in the middled and all of the quick grab liquids on the bottom shelf.

Honestly this area still needs some work, but I am feeling much better about the organization so far and am on the right track to getting it right one of these days!