Away Luggage Review

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Let me begin by saying that I am obsessed with my Away luggage! I first heard about Away a year ago when my husband mentioned he wanted this new carry-on luggage that had the ability to charge his cellphone. I looked into the brand a the time, but didn't think much about because we weren't truly in the market new luggage. Fast forward six months to when I started researching luggage to replace our old and worn out bags before we took off on our 18 day honeymoon through Europe.

I remembered my husband mentioning that he wanted the Away carry-on and decided to dive deeper into the brand. Once I started researching and reading reviews, I knew that I had to try out this luggage. I have never owned a hard case suitcase before and honestly was never really drawn them. I was afraid they would be too heavy and have extra bulk that we didn't need when traveling.

The website itself is clean, easy to use and allows you to compare each of the different styles they offer. My first order of business was to figure out what makes this luggage so great. You can tell the company did a lot of research when they designed these suitcases taking into account. The luggage itself is lighter than you would expect it to be, but super durable because of the materials they have used. My next step was diving into the reviews and seeing if the luggage held up for other travelers. They have an overwhelming amount of positive reviews on their website and I sat there and read through pages of them.

The luggage comes in four different sizes and a variety of colors. They are constantly adding new colors to their collection. Since I purchased mine last June, there are at least 6 new colors to pick from.

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The sizes they offer are:

The Carry-on

The Bigger Carry-on

The Medium

The Large

They have a great page on their website that compares each of the suitcases and the types of trips they would be great for. You can also save money if you are buying multiples, but overall they are very reasonably priced for luggage. I ended up purchasing the two different carry-on sizes and the medium size. As I said, my husband and I were getting ready for an 18 day trip through Europe so I wanted the best combination for that trip, but also for future trips. The two carry-on sizes come with a built in USB charger that allows you to charge your phone without having to awkwardly search for an outlet at the airport. So convenient!

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Inside the suitcase is just as thought out as the outside. There are two sides, one for clothes, the other for whatever else you are taking. The side for clothes has a compression feature that allows you to flatten out and compress down your clothes. This was lifesaving when packing for such a long a trip. Initially you may not think there is a lot of room in the suitcase, but between the design and the compression, I fit way more than I expected. There is also a handy dirty clothes bag, great for long trips.

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We have now taken this luggage on multiple trips and it is truly the best luggage that I have ever owned. Not only were we able to get all of our clothes into these suitcases for our 18 day trip (disclaimer, we did purchase a duffel bag because we did too much shopping when we were away), but they made it through the 5 different countries we traveled to taking a mix of planes and trains. Including being dropped off 4 blocks from out hotel in Amsterdam and have to truck all our luggage down the brick paved streets.

This is not a sponsored post and I purchased the Away luggage myself. I simply love the product and encourage you all to try them out!