Where to Travel 2018

I usually have our vacation planned out the year before we take it or at least an idea of where we want to go. This year, however, we are undecided of where we want to travel to and we have narrowed it down to three very different options: Hawaii, Japan or Scandinavia.

We took an eighteen day trip through Europe last year, which was amazing, but also not the most relaxing vacation. It was one of those vacations that we needed a vacation from after. Hawaii would be the perfect follow up vacation to a European adventure. It's warm and sunny, the perfect trip to take in October before the winter season starts. We can enjoy relaxing on the beach and exploring all the beautiful nature of the island. I went to Hawaii when I was thirteen with my family and am excited about the idea of going back with my husband.

Japan would be way outside our comfort zones and not exactly a relaxing vacation, but we plan on starting a family soon so if we don't take advantage of our time now to travel, we don't know when we get a chance. Neither one of us have traveled to Asia before, but it is definitely on our bucket list. If we took a trip to Japan, we would visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. We are excited to explore a totally different culture from our own. It also doesn't hurt that we love sushi!

Even though we took a trip to Europe last year, there are still so many cities that we are interested in visiting. On the top of our list is Scandinavia and more specifically Copenhagen. We would keep this trip much less jam packed and only visit two cities: Copenhagen, Denmark and Gothenburg, Sweden. Copenhagen is known for its delicious cuisine and food markets, which is right up our alley. There are castles to visit, shops to explore and let's not forget the famous Tivoli Gardens. Gothenburg on the other hand is the second largest city in Sweden and is known for its delicious and fresh seafood.

Stay tuned to find out where we decide out of these locations to travel to in 2018!